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Protecting Mapledurham Playing Fields

In 1938 Mr. C.E. Hewett gifted The Mapledurham Playing Fields to the residents of Mapledurham and Reading on the understanding they be used forever for outdoor games, sports, and past-times for the purpose of a Playing Fields and Recreation Ground. This was set up as a Charity, named Recreation Ground Charity (registration number 304328).


Currently, Reading Borough Council act as trustees and are responsible for its maintenance but do not own the land.


Mapledurham Playing Fields hosts five football pitches used by over 1000 youth players, a recently refurbished tennis club, a pavilion used throughout the day by community groups, and includes areas of environmental and archaeological interest. It is a much-loved local green space, used by many for sport and recreations, including jogging and dog-walking.


However, in recent years, this valuable green space has become the target of a number of attempts to open it to development. The Mapledurham Fields Action Group was formed in 2015 by concerned residents to protect the Trust and to ensure that the generosity and wishes of Charles Hewitt continue to be respected for the benefit of future generations.


Please use the menu to learn more about Mapledurham Playing Fields, the Trust, the current threat to their continued existence, and what you can do to help protect them.