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A Bleak Future

Mapledurham is protected as a charitable trust not by a simple covenant.


At an RBC Policy Committee Meeting on 19th January 2016,  J. Popplewell asked them to rule out approving any further development on MPF after a school had been built there.


Councillor Jo Lovelock stated that it was a legal impossibility for her to give this guarantee.

No one has offered any guarantee that there will be no further development.


It is fully expected that housing and a further school will be proposed if this development goes ahead.


Mapledurham Playing Fields are designated SA16, Strategic Open Space, which Reading Borough Council has undertaken to protect. Reading Borough Council Planning Policy states “CS 28 Loss of Open Space. Development proposals that will result in the loss of open space or jeopardise its use or enjoyment by the public will not be permitted”.


Caversham will have lost a vital Strategic Open Space,

and Reading's few well-drained sports fields will be gone.


More playing fields will have been sold off and property developers will be the only people to profit.